The International Council
for Philosophy and Human Sciences
Jean d'Ormesson Member of the Académie Française
Paola Costa Giovangigli UNESCO, Paris, France
Jean Bingen Royal Academy of Belgium
Madeline H. Caviness Tufts University, USA
In-Suk Cha Seoul National University, South Korea, Korea
Thierry Dufrêne Institut National d'Histoire de l'Art, Paris, France
Paulin J Hountonji National University of Benin, Benin
Giovanni Puglisi IULM University, Italy
Souleymane Bachir Diagne Columbia University, USA
Jean-Godefroy Bidima Tulane University, USA
Tanella Boni University of Abidjian, Ivory Coast
Yves Coppens Collège de France, France
Doudou Diène UN University
Jaakko Hintikka Boston University, USA
An Jiayao Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China
Janusz K. Kozlowski Jagiellonian University, Poland
Julio Labastida UNAM, Mexico
Abdallah Laroui Royal Academy of Morocco, Morocco
Antonio Marazzi University of Padua, Italy
Ivana Markova University of Stirling
Fatma Oussedik University of Alger, Algeria
Ornella Pompeo Faracovi Centro Studi Enriques, Italy
Eduardo Portella Academia Brasileira de Letras, Brazil
Stanley Rosen Boston University, USA
Suwanna Satha-Annand Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Jean Starobinski University of Geneva, Switzerland
Romila Thapar Delhi, India
Shizuteru Ueda Kyoto University, Japan
David A. Wells Birkbeck College, UK
Fawzy Abd El-Zaher  
Xiao Junming CASS



Jean d’Ormesson, CIPSH and Diogène

Jean d’Ormesson, le Cipsh et Diogène
The death of Jean d\'Ormesson deprives the International Council for Philosophy and the Humanities of one of its founding fathers. For a long time the action, even the existence of Cipsh was inseparable from his figure. From the 1950s, he was first a ubiquitous Deputy Secretary General, alongside Sir Ronald Syme, then the Secretary General, then the President. From the outset, he had understood the......



UNESCO - The journal 'Diogenes' celebrates its 50th birthday

17-01-2003 11:15 am Paris – The quarterly journal Diogenes, published under the auspices of the International Council for Philosophy and Humanistic Studies (ICPHS) with support from UNESCO, will celebrate its 50th birthday on January 21 at UNESCO Headquarters (Room IV, from 4-6 p.m.). The 200th issue of the journal, which focuses on dialogue between civilizations, will be presented, along with......